The 10 Best Internet of Things (IoT) app development companies in the world

How to find the best Internet of Things (IoT) app development companies

Finding the right capability to mobilize your business can be extremely demanding. The best mobile development talent, particularly when it comes to the Internet of Things, is in high demand and short supply. This means that accessing the best mobile and IoT agency talent can be tough, especially if you’re a business new to the world of developing IoT apps. We recently explored 3 ways to overcome the seismic app development backlog, today we’re exploring the 10 best Internet of Things app development companies in the world (we’ve crunched the numbers and graded each company based on Alexa rankings).

What is the internet of things?

The Internet of Things (also known as IoT) isn’t a new phenomenon: technology companies and analysts have been discussing the concept for many years, and the first web-connected kitchen appliance (actually a toaster) was unveiled at a conference in 1989. In it’s simplest form, the IoT is not complex: it’s all about connecting devices over together via the web, letting them communicate to us, our apps, and one another.

How big is the Internet of Things?

The “Internet of Things” is growing at an astonishing rate. It is comprised of billions of “intelligent” devices, from tiny chips to enormous machines, that use wireless technology to communicate to each other (and to us). The IoT world is developing at a phenomenal pace, from 2 billion objects in 2006 to a projected 200 billion by 2020.

As the Internet of Things becomes a serious concern for businesses all across the world (especially if your business is technology), demand for IoT related development capability will skyrocket. But the tough part is knowing where to start. If you’re a business exploring what the IoT means for your business, and are seeking to develop a project initiative around IoT app development, now is a good time to start. But accessing the right IoT app development resource can be very challenging and very few developers are established players. The IoT is still, in a business context and in terms of IT expenditure, still a relatively new phenomenon (despite the connected toaster in 1989), however there are some key players emerging in the IoT app development space and today we’re going to feature the best in the business.

Who are the best Internet of Things (IoT) app development companies in the world?

1.) Waracle

Waracle are acknowledged as Scotland’s largest mobile app development and IoT company, specialising in mobile app innovation and strategy. ‘Being mobile’ is everyone’s business. At Waracle they believe that your business, will live or die by how you respond to being mobile. Waracle are agile experts with considerable cross industry expertise determined to help you innovate and deliver your mobile app strategies faster.

Waracle’s teams in Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London bring to the table a no-nonsense approach to app development on standalone projects or onsite managed team extensions. Waracle work with some of the biggest UK and European companies across many industries: FinTech, Digital Health, Logistics, Real Estate, Tourism and Food and Drink luxury brands. Check out the video below explaining how Waracle use Kumulos to help manage client projects and recurring revenue.

Founded: 2007
Number of Employees: 51 – 250
Key Clients: Clydesdale Bank, Jones Lang La Salle and Imperial College London
What Waracle’s clients say: “The quality of what Waracle produced certainly meets our expectations. They continually strive to maintain the highest standards. As far as engineering goes, they’re very strong.” (Workplace Systems)

2.) Stanfy

Stanfy has years of experience in building custom iPhone applications and has it down to a science. Stanfy possess a world class team of professional developers and designers, offering full-cycle app development services.

The Stanfy team of experienced iPhone app developers and designers work closely with clients at all stages of the project, starting from ideation and idea validation, and encompassing UX/UI design, engineering, testing and publication in the AppStore. The company recently rolled out it’s IoT service offering to new and existing customers.

Founded: 2005
Number of Employees: 11 – 50
Key Clients: Intel, IMAX and IDS Group
What Stanfy’s clients say: “They are very diligent, professional and punctual. I would say they went over and above at times where a bit extra needed to be done.” (Co-founder and CEO at Food Startup)

3.) Intersog

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Chicago’s iconic Willis Tower, Intersog is a global company of 150+ people in multiple locations. Intersog is an international provider of Collaborative Agile & DevOps Teams for your software development, mobile application development, QA and testing, UX/UI design, Big Data, Cloud, eHealth and IoT solutions. Intersog brings innovation and delivers tangible results and appropriate ROI for startups, SMEs and Fortune 500 companies that take into consideration cost, quality and latest technology trends.

Founded: 2005
Number of Employees: 51 – 250
Key Clients: Mitsubishi, Northern Trust and Video Medicine
What Intersog clients say: “Being able to have a team that collaborated with us, and took the time to understand what I’m trying to do made a huge difference.” (Founder and President, Ski Nation, Inc.)

4.) Eleks

Eleks is a trusted global organization that provides offshore, full-cycle, software product engineering and IoT services, from ideation to finished products. Since 1991, Eleks have been helping businesses innovate and build advanced software products that matter, leveraging the most advanced technologies available on the market.

Software products Eleks have designed and developed significantly contributed to the success of their customers, including Fortune 500® and Forbes Global 2000® companies. Their delivery organization, consisting of approximately 900 professionals in Eastern Europe, is strengthened by a local presence in the U.S., EU and the UK.

Founded: 1991
Number of Employees: 251 – 1000
Key Clients: Autodesk, Havas and Eagle Investment Systems
What Eleks clients say: “We’re not a typical IT department creating a simple back-office system for billing. Eleks has a personal interest in [our] innovation.” (Managing Director of Product Development & Applied Research)

5.) Softeq Development

Founded in 1997 in Houston, TX, Softeq Development is a full-cycle software development company focusing on five major areas:

Solutions for Wearables and the Internet of Things
Embedded software
Mobile business apps
Advanced web applications
Desktop solutions

Softeq offer unmatched expertise of our seasoned team with an average project experience of 9 years and a deep understanding of hardware behind the software system to develop, deploy, or enhance.

Founded: 1997
Number of Employees: 51 – 250
Key Clients: Microsoft, Intel and Nike
What Softeq clients say: “[Softeq] always provides valuable input and expertise, not only from a development standpoint but also from a user interface standpoint, which helps me make better decisions for the end-users.” (Founder & CEO at Ovalay)

6.) Somo

Somo develop solutions for the connected world, with a mission to help businesses increase sales, customer engagement and productivity. Recently named Best Management Team and ranked #19 in The Sunday Times Tech track, Somo’s full service offering has three focused divisions:

Custom Product Development
Marketing for the Connected World (IoT)
Products and Platforms

Somo has built some of the most innovative and creative mobile products in the market and run some of the most successful ad campaigns for brands all over the world such as Audi, De Beers, BP, and The New York Times.

Founded: 2009
Number of employees: 51 – 250
Key Clients: Audi, BP and The New York Times
What Somo clients say: “I’m a big fan of what Somo has done. I don’t think they could change much. They’re one of our really strong partners.” (Brand Manager, Online Retailer)

7.) R-Style Lab

R-Style Lab offer full-cycle, full-service software development: web, mobile, IoT, TVOS, AR. We work with federal and local governments, SMEs, startups and large enterprises. R-Style Lab is your guide from ideas to profitable mobile & web solutions!

R-Style Lab focus on custom software design and development for large enterprises, Web and mobile solutions for SMEs, E-commerce mobile and web solutions, Software and middleware for IoT, Native and cross-platform mobile apps, Social networking solutions, TVOS apps and Augmented reality solutions.

Founded: 2006
Number of employees: 51 – 250
Key Clients: Dell, Samsung and HP
What R-Style Lab clients say: “The most important point is that R-Style Lab can deliver on their promises, and are a hardworking team.” (CEO, Consumer Electronics Firm)

8.) Handsome

Handsome is an interactive product and rich media production agency focused on research, strategy, design, and development of consumer, IoT, B2B, and enterprise applications for all platforms.

Their main office in Austin produces amazing interactive products and marketing experiences for startups and some of the world’s biggest companies. Interactive digital experiences are continually becoming more amazing and more complex to produce. The Handsome team is specially designed to create successful, custom, innovative digital products from the initial concept through full product launch. Some of their key clients include Ercot, Trendkite, insurancezebra, noteworthy, foxtales, caretribe, jumpshot, sparksfly.

Founded: 2012
Number of employees: 11 – 50
Key Clients: Facebook, Viacom and Audi
What Handsome clients say: “They were so much more than just a design company; they were a strategy company.” (Manager, Social Media Company)

9.) Boston Technology

Boston Technology Corporation is a Boston based digital health technology services company provides mobile, IoT and web solution development for secure patient experience and engagement, medical and clinical research and IoT Human Interface applications.

Boston Technology Corporation (BTC), based in Marlborough, MA, is a leading Enterprise Mobility and Software services provider. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to innovative startups. From cutting edge enterprise mobility solutions to robust web applications, we have enabled them to leverage the power of technology.

Their deep business domain knowledge, experienced technologists, proven and agile delivery methodology, and cost effectiveness has earned us respect and repeat engagements from our clients. Be it the mobile or the web, their engagements have covered the gamut from strategy, solution conceptualization, development, deployment and maintenance. In a decade, we have worked with over 150 clients on 300+ engagements.

They have been on the INC 500/5000 list of America’s fastest growing private companies for three years in a row – a testimonial of our clients’ faith in them.

Founded: 2004
Number of employees: 51 – 250
Key Clients: Boston Children’s Hospital
What Boston Technologies clients say: “Boston Technology Corporation’s immediacy of response is impeccable. Whenever we have any issues, and I have to contact them, I have someone reaching back usually within the hour.” (Co-founder, Farm2Tables)

10.) Intrepid

Founded in 2010, Intrepid is an end-to-end, full-stack mobile app design, development and IoT company with offices in Cambridge, MA and NYC. With expertise in insightful product strategy, well-crafted design and proficient development for iOS, Android, Back-End and Rails, Intrepid enable their customers, from startup to enterprise, to boldly navigate their mobile future.

Founded: 2010
Number of employees: 51 – 250
Key Clients: Hilton, Adidas and MIT
What Intrepid clients say: “We decided that we had a good fit personality-wise, and Intrepid could do everything that we needed in order to knock out our MVP.” (CEO, Digital Healthcare Company)


So there you have it. If you’re a business or brand seeking to develop a new Internet of Things app development initiative, and wondering how and where to get started, look no further. As the IoT gathers pace and recognition, businesses will quickly understand the value of the IoT in terms of how to deploy innovative new products and services to market, whilst boosting revenue streams, creating new revenue streams and enhancing internal workflow processes. Stay tuned as next week we’ll be exploring the top AR and VR app development companies in the world.