The 20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Seattle

How to Find the 20 Best Mobile Development Companies in Seattle

It’s a hard task to know who the best developers in your area are sometimes. In Seattle, the home of Microsoft and where the market is full of great companies, you’re quite literally spoiled for choice when it comes to developers with solid reputations. When faced with this, it’s a tough decision to know if you’re really getting the best when you go with one company over another. In our ongoing efforts to make your life easier, from finding the Top 10 IoT or AR developers to helping you get past your app backlog, and recently the top developers in San Francisco, and New York, Mobbed have once again used our rankings system to give you another insight into how developers around the world stack up. This time we’re looking at the home of Space Needle itself, with the Top 20 Developers in Seattle.

Why look for Developers in Seattle?

Apart from the fact that it’s the home of not only the ubiquitous Microsoft, and also supplier of our modern lives Amazon, Seattle is also the fastest growing city in the USA. This growth has been largely due to the massive influx of technology and software companies, with the developer industry growing in great leaps every year. If San Francisco is tech Mecca, Seattle is the Gold Rush, and that means you can expect great things from any developer you choose from there.

And if that wasn’t enough, if you’re a music fan, did you know Seattle was where Ray Charles, Quincy Jones and Jimmi Hendrix all got their starts? It just seems like there’s something in the air there.

But still, who do you choose? Well, that’s where our rankings come in:

  1. #1

    Forix Mobile

    We create enterprise level mobile applications that build business.

  2. #2

    Seattle App Lab

    We at Seattle App Lab,, focus on building apps for iphone/Android/Windows Mobile/Blackberry/HTML5. Think of us as a general contactor for mobile software. Seasoned team of experienced mobile developers based in Seattle, WA but doing work for clients worldwide.

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    PugetWorks has been in business since 2005 and has completed more than 50 software projects successfully. We've built everything from enterprise applications to iPhone games, working with large corporations, small startups, and everybody in between.

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    Deloitte Digital ( Ubermind )

    Übermind fueled by Deloitte is a leading agency for strategy, creative, mobile, and web. We deliver apps and websites that help transform our clients’ businesses.

  5. #5

    Affirma Consulting

    Affirma is an award-winning full service technology consultancy based out of Bellevue, WA. We specialize in Mobile, Cloud, Business Intelligence, SharePoint, Technology Infrastructure, Custom Development, Visual Design, and Staffing Services. We focus on delivering true, measurable business value to our clients.

  6. #6

    Blue Label Labs

    Blue Label Labs is a 64-person digital product development agency headquartered in NYC and with offices in Seattle and San Francisco.

  7. #7

    Blink UX

    Blink UX is a Seattle-based UX research and design firm specializing in digital products. Born out of the passion to make things easier to use, Blink UX was built on a foundation of science, design and the idea that every interaction can be made meaningful if designed with a deep understanding of human behavior.

  8. #8

    Leapfrog Technology, Inc.

    We build mobile and web apps.

  9. #9

    Smashing Ideas

    We are a digital engagement agency. And when it comes to planning, designing and building mobile apps, websites, products and platforms, it isn't just about great ideas. It's about ideas that are successful from concept through execution and result in increased engagement, retention and revenue.

  10. #10

    47 Degrees

    Founded in September 2010, 47 Degrees is a collective of like minded individuals driven to create tactile digital experiences. We set out to find the best and brightest from within our own internal networks to grow. You’ll find members of our team working atop a cozy dock in Ballard (Seattle, WA) or above a friendly cafe in San Fernando (Cadiz, Spain).

  11. #11

    Pixel Lab

    We use a little design love and dev kung fu to build apps for people like you that run on the web, the desktop or on mobile devices like Windows Phone 7. Our shared history is Microsoft, but we have done extensive work in Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and even some Flash and iPhone.

  12. #12


    Moby is a research & development firm that designs digital + physical products that are useful, easy to understand, and that help our clients and partners solve tough challenges in creative ways.

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    UpTop is a UX design and app development company. We engineer web and mobile applications, eCommerce websites, big data visualization tools and more to help our clients effectively communicate and interact with their customers, employees and partners.

  14. #14

    Montana Banana Web Development

    Founded in 1996 in Seattle, Washington, Montana Banana is a full service website and Internet development company. Beginning with comprehensive needs analysis, through design and implementation; Montana Banana has the experience and skill to make Internet strategies successful.

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    Virtual Experience is our passion

  16. #16


    Ratio is a leading multi-screen agency that partners with global brands to create seamless experiences across all platforms. We deliver multi-screen apps that provide consistent and optimized user experiences across the web, mobile, tablet, Connected TV. Our RatioTV product allows media brands to launch differentiated apps quickly on all connected platforms.

  17. #17

    Fishermen Labs

    Fishermen Labs is a digital product development studio.

  18. #18


    We offer a focused set of services targeted to bring high quality digital experiences that real people can use. Our unique and talented staff bring a wealth of skills to bear in each project we engage. Ravenna is not simply a project based firm; we want to engage your brand, truly understand what makes it tick, and help bring that story to your audience.

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    Move Your Business Forward

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    8/9 of an iceberg is hidden below the surface. A metaphor for the things that we're interested in. The new and emerging, the hidden and non-obvious. We're passionate, creative technologists who collaborate with Fortune 500 brands and their agencies to create truly innovative digital campaigns and marketing platforms. We specialize in high end, custom websites and applications.


There you have it, our top 20 developers in Seattle. So if you’re looking to get someone working for you in the city of soulful Jazz and Windows there’s plenty of choice available to you. This list doesn’t cover all the developers that we have though, so if you can’t find one that does exactly what you need here, why not give the rest of our listings a search? You may just find the perfect developer for you, and with that, kickstart your company’s success in ways you never thought possible. If you’re a developer or agency looking to generate more leads click here. If you’re a mobile agency or developer looking to create a profile for your company click here.