The 20 Best mHealth App Development Companies

How to find the 20 best mHealth app development companies

With the advent of future technologies and the boom of Wearable tech, the mHealth industry is a ticking time bomb of growth. It’s a massive potential market, but it’s also a massive category to work in, and requires specialist as well as general knowledge to succeed. So how do you find the right mHealth developer for you? In our ongoing efforts to make your life easier, from finding the Top 10 IoT or AR developers, the Top 20 iOS developers, to helping you get past your app backlog, and even the top developers in San FranciscoNew York and most recently Seattle, Mobbed have once again used our rankings system to give you another insight into how developers around the world stack up, this time, with iOS.

Why look for mHealth Developers?

As we said above, mHealth is one of the next big things within mobile development, driven by many different future technologies such as AR,VR and Wearables. WHO (World Health Organisation) recently surveyed over 110 countries around the world and found that they all had at least one mHealth program up and running, with more on the way. You can see this growth in the market value which is set to increase by almost ten times its value in 2014 by 2022.

So, a lot of people want a piece of this new industry, and all the estimates point to it becoming huge within 5 years. And yet, at the moment, much like Smartphone apps before it, the overall tech market isn’t quite such how to make the most of it yet. Now is the perfect time to get involved, as once the money starts pouring in, you’ll be riding that wave.

But which developer should you go with? Well, here’s our Top 20 to get you started and a big congratulations to all of the companies that have made the list.

If you’re interested in learning more about the work each company is doing within digital healthcare and particularly mHealth, you can get more details by clicking through on each of the companies here: 3Pillar, ustwo, Segue Technologies, Savvy Apps, DMI, Mobisoft, Stanfy, Peerbits, Waracle, R Style Lab, Dogtown Media, Softeq, SIMPalm, Boston Technology, Holition, PixelRocket, NotionTheory, AppWorks, Zudu, Whole Wheat Creative.

  1. #1


    Waracle are Scotland's largest mobile app development and IoT company, specialising in mobile app innovation and strategy.

  2. #2


    Professional iPhone App Developers

  3. #3


    Delivering Excellence, Righteously

  4. #4


    mobile app development, web development, design, Android app development, iOS app developers,

  5. #5


    We design and develop engaging, secure and high-performance websites, portals and web applications.

  6. #6


    We help your business build software that drives revenue and delivers seamless customer experiences.

  7. #7

    Segue Technologies

    Building innovative Web, Data, and Mobile applications
    to help your organization succeed

  8. #8

    Hidden Brains

    Web and Mobile App Development Company

  9. #9

    Savvy Apps

    You’re not launching an app. You’re creating an experience, starting a business, following a dream.

  10. #10


    DMI is a global, end-to-end mobility company that offers a variety of solutions including Mobility Strategy, Brand Marketing, UX, Web & App Development, Omnichannel Commerce, Big Data Insights, Managed Mobility Services, Cybersecurity Solutions and Infrastructure Services.

  11. #11

    Cygnet Infotech LLC

    A Global Technology Company

  12. #12

    ustwo studio

    ustwo™ is a digital design studio that delivers UI/UX design, app development & content creation services as preferred digital partner to the world’s leading brands including Sony, Sony Ericsson, Intel, H&M, BBC, Turner and J.P. Morgan.

  13. #13


    Mobile App Development Company Los Angeles & San Francisco

  14. #14

    hedgehog lab

    A global technology consultancy with a focus on development in mobile, connected devices and immersive technologies.

  15. #15

    Dogtown Media

    Dogtown Media is a disruptive mobile app development company creating cutting edge apps to solve everyday problems, simplify frustrating activities, and bring endless enjoyment into the palm of your hand.

  16. #16

    Solution Analysts

    Analysing needs, delivering solutions

  17. #17

    Blue Label Labs

    Blue Label Labs is a 64-person digital product development agency headquartered in NYC and with offices in Seattle and San Francisco.

  18. #18


    Full-stack development for the connected world: from apps to devices

  19. #19

    Root Info Solutions

    Technology Simplified

  20. #20


    Business clarity. Software craft.


There you have it, our Top 20 mHealth developers. So if you’re looking to get that mHealth app off the ground, these guys will certainly set you right. You may just find the perfect developer for you, and with that, kickstart your company’s success in ways you never thought possible. If you’re a developer or agency looking to generate more leads click here. If you’re a mobile agency or developer looking to create a profile for your company click here.