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After a long and insightful beta phase, we are ecstatic to announce that is officially launched. What started as an idea between two guys to work on in their spare time, followed a year later by a third (Hi!), has now steadily grown into something we want to share with the rest of the world. Here at Mobbed, we’re absolutely thrilled to bring you the best in mobile.

But, we hear you cry, just what the hell is it that you guys do?

Glad you asked, but first a little background info.

Desktop is dead, long live Mobile

Can you remember a time where mobile tech wasn’t in our lives? It was only ten years ago, and yet it’s become so completely ingrained in every aspect of our day-to-day existence that it seems ridiculous to imagine it not being there.

Since that day in 2007 when Steve Jobs got up on the stage and announced the first iPhone, software development has changed. No longer was it enough to be making programs for desktops, now you needed to be making mobile too. The speed that the mobile market grew was absurd, reaching a peak growth rate of 73% in 2011. It blew everything out of the water, and massive monoliths like Microsoft and Blackberry (remember them?) couldn’t pivot fast enough to keep up.

But it’s not just manufacturers and tech giants who failed to make the right moves, even now, major players in the tech and development industries are still bogged down in the old world of desktop. Even those who are meant to help businesses find developers for their projects, like the ubiquitous Clutch, are mired in it.

They can point you to the best desktop and web developers under the sun, but mobile devs? Not so much.

And don’t get us started on Future Tech.

The Rise of Future (Tech)

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Bots and more, all of these things come under the umbrella term of Future Tech and they are the mob of innovations that are just beginning to make serious waves in the tech industry.

Right now their markets are small, (relatively at least), because like all new tech, its a bit too expensive for your regular consumer, and no one’s quite managed how to package it in a way that makes people want it like the iPhone did for mobile.

But they will, that’s a guarantee, and when they do, in this ever accelerating industry the growth will be explosive, and destructive. As the old saying goes, there’s only room for one of them in this town, and you don’t want to be caught on the wrong side when the dust clears.

Yet still, despite businesses having up to 20 development projects sitting in their backlogs at any one time, the established infrastructure will keep pointing you towards the outdated and dying areas of development.

Time to make a change

So what are you to do? Simple, stop looking at the dusty old legacy of the last generation and start moving with the times. But how? There are already so many developers working on these areas, who’s to tell which one of them are also good at working on them?

That’s where come in.

Rather than you having to go find these developers, we find them for you, and even rank them to boot. It couldn’t be easier really.

Yes it really is that simple, we swear, go look now if you don’t believe us.

Check out the best in mobile here


Now, all you need to do is take your killer ideas to the best devs in the business and get your project started. You’ll be Mobile royalty in no time.

Well, what are you waiting for?