10 Best Virtual Reality Developers

How to find the 10 best Virtual Reality app development companies

Of all the Future Tech that’s making waves at the moment, nothing quite has the wow factor that VR has. Whereas wearables and Internet of Things might be useful, and Augmented Reality can be fun, VR is the one that always gets the response, and now is a perfect time to be getting into developing for it.

But how do you find the right VR developer for you? In our ongoing efforts to make your life easier, from finding the Top 10 IoT or AR developers, the Top 20 iOS developers, to helping you get past your app backlog, and even the top developers in San FranciscoNew York and most recently Seattle, Mobbed have once again used our rankings system to give you another insight into how developers around the world stack up, this time, with VR.

Why look for Virtual Reality (VR) Developers?

As you’ve probably seen, VR is the next big thing in terms of sexy new technology. Everyone has seen the videos of people looking around in wonder at the worlds only they can see, and the ones where their body gets a little too convinced at what it’s seeing and they keel over! The point is though, that VR has some serious buzz about it, and the market predictions back that up.

Delloitte predicted that VR would have its first billion dollar year in 2016, and that prediction not only came true, but the final revenue from VR was more than double at $2.7 billion. Whilst that doesn’t currently hold a candle to the mobile market at the moment, looking ahead, VR is set to become a $25 billion market in the next few years. China’s VR market is also looking to be an impressive chunk of that, with a predicted worth of $8.5 billion all on its own.


There’s no better time to cut yourself a slice of the VR pie, but which developer should you go with? Well, here’s our Top 10 to get you started and a big congratulations to all of the companies that have made the list.

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    Varscene are an innovations based digital realities company. We do not produce or develop technologies outside of Augmented and Virtual Reality meaning that we work along side the biggest agencies and brands delivering leading edge solutions for a wide variety of uses.

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    End-to-end IoT, VR, and AR solutions development.

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    Black Rooster

    Black Rooster designs and develops innovative mobile and online solutions since 2010.

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    With a unique combination of producers and digital developers, Current creates broadcast productions, digital gaming and emergent technology solutions that breathe life into the creative vision of our partners.

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    We create unforgettable, one of a kind experiences using Virtual Reality, Interactive Installations, Augmented Reality, Projection Mapping, Multi touch and gesture based experiences, Kinect applications, Mobile and tablet experiences, Beacons, Robotics.

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    mobile app development, web development, design, Android app development, iOS app developers,

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    The NineHertz

    Smart and Robust Mobile App and Web Development

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    Leeway Hertz

    You Dream It. We Build It.


There you have it, our Top 10 Virtual Reality developers. So if you’re looking to get that VR project off the ground, these guys will certainly set you right. You may just find the perfect developer for you, and with that, kickstart your company’s success in ways you never thought possible. If you’re a developer or agency looking to generate more leads click here. If you’re a mobile agency or developer looking to create a profile for your company click here.