Big Nerd Ranch


At Big Nerd Ranch, our developers and designers are also instructors and authors. When there’s cutting-edge development going on, we’re the first to know about it—in many cases, we wrote the book (make that books) on it.

When you need an iOS, Android, HTML5 or desktop app to solve a problem, grow your business or engage your employees, partnering with us is a no-brainer. We provide end-to-end mobile solutions for a range of app development projects, including:

  • iOS apps
  • Android apps
  • Backend apps using Ruby and Python
  • Frontend apps using HTML5
  • Desktop Cocoa (Mac) apps
  • UI/UX expertise and responsive web design

Our developers stand head and shoulders above the rest. They have to, in order to teach at our Ranches and at companies like Facebook, Airbnb and NextDoor.