Infinite Red


Our Team

As a distributed company spread from San Francisco up to Portland, over to New Orleans, and even to Korea, our team is still very close-knit. We hold weekly meetings at the “Kitchen Table”, play Team Fortress 2 at lunch, and work closely on all our projects. You would never know we’re leagues away from each other.


We over-communicate. At every step of the process you will know what to expect, where your investment is going, and how to make it go farther. We treat you like a partner, not just a client.


To us, being professional means doing what we say and saying what we mean. It means playing to our strengths and collaborating.


As developers we owe a great deal to the talent and hard work that goes into free and open source software. We go out of our way to find ways we can serve and lead in the communites that spring up around the technology we use.