Knuckleheads has worked with some amazing agencies, clients and organizations. We have built eco-system apps (front end and back end development) for large retail clients the ***** we worked on technical sales apps for industry leader ***** integrated social media features into phones and tablets for ***** and developed mobile commerce for ***** and definitely *****. Not to brag, but, we also ***** for ***** while pushing the boundaries of 3d modeling, custom interfaces and gyroscope capabilities. We were also brought in to help create enterprise apps for ***** the largest division at ***** to name a few. *

* If you were wondering, we live under NDA! We are the mobile ninjas that work on the backend of projects, flying under the radar, but bringing mobile insight and technologies to some of the largest companies and agencies in the world. Interested? We figured as much. Click here to find out all of the fun ways to get in touch with us.