NorthBay Solutions


NorthBay is headquartered Cambridge, Massachusetts providing services and products to companies across the globe serviced by our nearly 200 professionals.  To repeatedly deliver excellence we launched NorthBay University in early 2012 directly on the NorthBay campus. Each new NorthBay team member spends the first 90 days of their career at NorthBay University solving real world problems. Most senior team members refresh their skills at NBU as technology evolves and our customer needs change.

We help our clients achieve time-to-market advantage, drive technology innovation, and gain economical access to world-class software engineering resources globally. We drive our clients’ overall effectiveness by delivering quality, on-time and economically, and providing quicker time-to-market.  Our customized solutions for clients have span numerous industries including healthcare, media, mobile & social gaming, financial services, retail, technology, education, and publishing.  NorthBay’s in-house professionals include graphic designers, developers, information architects, project managers, and usability specialists that work together to craft a strategy that is tailored to your business goals.