Kick-off a new project or reframe an existing one with an intensive deep-dive into your vision, metrics, competitive space, and audience. The goal of the Discovery Sprint is simple: find and articulate a problem worth solving.

How it works

– You work with us full-time for two intense weeks
– We define the mission and vision for the product
– We create preliminary personas to hypothesize who might use the product
– We determine what we need to learn to reduce risks
– We get out of the building and talk to potential customers
– We document competitors and decide what our best entry point is

What to expect

Every successful project starts with three things: a shared team vision, understanding and empathy for the users, and a keen sense of where we fit in the competitive landscape.

The Discovery Sprint leverages the latest thinking in business model design, design thinking, customer development, and lean startup to drive you toward quickly finding a sustainable business around your product idea. While traditional business planning takes months, our approach puts down the fundamentals within days so we can start experimenting and learning what actually works.

When we get out of the building and talk to people who we think are our customers, a lot can happen. We might learn that they don’t have a problem we thought they did. We might discover a new competitor. Or we might find that we can’t find these people in the first place.

By approaching product development in this open and objective manner, we can prevent much of the waste that comes from premature design and development. Let’s save our time and money and make sure we build the right thing.

What you get

– A dedicated Philosophie Product Strategist
– Audience definition in the form of preliminary personas
– A lightweight and flexible business plan that will evolve as we experiment and learn
– Customer conversation plan and training to start engaging your customers
– Analysis of your competitive landscape and your key differentiator
– The knowledge to continue learning what you need to to build an effective product