Rocksauce Studios


Rocksauce is Austin founded and based, and we love working in the app industry. Our team is as obsessed with mobile out of office as we are in the office; whether that be the design, technology, cutting-edge developments, or just apps of all types and arenas. At our core, Rocksauce Studios is a user-centric mobile company focused on the real market. We understand that the key to success in a tech-savvy marketplace is to be rockstars at all stages of the development process. The look of an app is what drives downloads, the experience and smooth operation of the invisible code base is what engenders loyalty.

Our driving mission is to deliver projects that both our customers and our team can be proud to have in the marketplace. It is this philosophy that drives the extra attention to detail and subtile touches along the way that add up to that wow factor that our customers have learned to expect from their Rocksauce app.