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Located in Portland, Oregon, SingleMind is a professional software development service provider focused on satisfying our clients’ needs. From design and development to hosting and support, we strive to provide a worry-free experience to our clients (both local and international). Our approach to this is two-fold; first, we employ individuals that enjoy thinking creatively and solving problems. Second, we actively enforce a number of internal processes, such as code auditing, budget controls, quality assurance testing, and a strict deployment workflow, ensuring that our work product is as stable as it can possibly be.

Our team includes senior developers, developers, designers, testers (QA) and project managers. We believe that what separates us from our competitors is our willingness to actively engage our clients in our process, as well as our ability to think outside the narrow confines of a specifications list. Simply put, our goal to provide a solution that exceeds the expectations of our clients.