Smashing Ideas


We are a digital engagement agency. And when it comes to planning, designing and building mobile apps, websites, products and platforms, it isn’t just about great ideas. It’s about ideas that are successful from concept through execution and result in increased engagement, retention and revenue.

We create the most actively engaging digital experiences possible.

We have to, because there are more things than ever fighting for our attention every day. We believe the best way to stand out is to give the customer a chance to participate with you, which leads to the highest form of engagement and moves you beyond a transaction. We do this by applying our expertise in game design thinking, user experience and multiscreen development to grab attention and shape customer behavior. Our process of designing for engagement ensures everything we create on the web, a mobile device or in retail will help you acquire more customers, improve loyalty and lead to more sales.

Key clients:
Triumph Learning
American Greetings
Sony Pictures Television
Discovery Communiciations
Penguin Random House