SOFTBOLT is a company leader in agile solutions on Mobile Technologies, Enterprise Applications and Information Technology Security. We use the most advanced techniques and methodologies in software development and mobile strategy. We have been creating mobile applications since 1997 when the Palm Pilot appeared and since then we have walked a long path. From Windows CE devices (Dell, Compaq, HP) to actual iPhone, iPad, Android… In 2008 we started building applications for the iPhone. Our first app (an spanish version of Pandora Radio) reached the Top 1 in the Music Category in February 2010 (after a little over one year in the App Store). It was downloaded more than 300000 times and in more than 20 countries. We translated it to all the available languages in the iPhone and created an iPad version for the launch of the first iPad. We understand that applications need to be built for other platforms in order to reach a greater audience and that is why we also create applications for Android, Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and BlackBerry 10.