Softeq is a leading mobile product development provider that creates both mobile apps and mobile devices. We bring mobile solutions to the point of converging with the IoT world by offering professional application- and hardware-level engineering services. Softeq helps businesses with apps, wearables and smart electronics that seamlessly integrate with and make intrinsic part of the connected world.

The company is home to the brightest minds in system design, data engineering and algorithm development. We develop & design mobile apps for business, entertainment & industrial automation needs that can be reinforced by our hands-on experience in machine learning and AI, and employ advanced AR and VR functionality.

Our mobile technology competences:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows UWP
  • Cross-platform Xamarin
  • Qt for custom mobile & IoT device UIs
  • Unity for mobile games

Our solution expertise:

  • face recognition & computer vision apps
  • camera apps, IVA & GPU-accelerated solutions
  • enterprise mobility apps
  • VoIP apps & chatbots
  • Smart TV & video streaming apps
  • iBeacon-enabled retail, logistics & warehouse apps
  • voice and speech recognition, NLP
  • smart home solutions
  • sports & fitness apps