zGames is a development studio that stepped onto the video game playground back in 2008. It's a team of 50+ gaming pros ready to lend a hand to other companies from gaming, educational, corporate and advertising fields and develop Unity-powered games from scratch for them. Our portfolio features 20+ titles and includes successful team-ups with clients from USA and Europe, including Big Fish, Taito and Atari.

zGames helps companies that are up against the lack of resources, absence of expertise or working against tight deadlines with:

full-cycle game development
game design and level-design
game art creation (2D, 3D, pixel art)
Flash-to-Unity migration
zGames team accommodates the needs of companies seeking to build:

native and cross-platform games for mobile devices;
games for consoles and microconsoles (PlayStation, PS Vita, OUYA, NVIDIA SHIELD, GameStick, FireTV, etc.);
browser and PC games.
The team is ready to bring into play its skills, experience, and performance excellence to cover the implementation of such game genres as:

advergames & brand promotional games;
educational games;
casual games;
RPGs, arcades, strategies, FPS, action-packed adventures;
games with gambling and social features, and advanced mechanics.
We always keep tabs on the latest advancements on the tech landscape, and employ the latest techniques to wow players around the world, including:

2D & 3D modeling;
Smart prediction AI;
Virtual/Agmented reality;
Synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer

Key clients:
Atari, Big Fish, Taito Corporation, Samsung, cerasus.media, Nordcurrent, Playscape, SEGA

Over the years in the industry, zGames has gained the trust of many game giants and continues to collaborate with big-name industry oldies, game hit publishers, marketing agencies, consumer brands, and education providers, assisting them with their full-scale game ideas, brand and promotion strategies, corporate training projects, etc.
Certified SCRUM Masters